Management Seminar for the Heads of National Statistical Offices in Asia and the Pacific


Tenth Management Seminar for the Heads of National Statistical Offices in Asia and the Pacific

7 - 8 December 2011
Chiba, Japan


Shifting from “stove-pipe” data producer to “information service” provider


  • To bring together the heads of NSOs in the ESCAP region to review global and regional initiatives and share experiences in responding to the needs for modernization of statistical information systems;
  • To enhance skills and knowledge of participants regarding the relevant concepts and tools;
  • To determine common challenges and discuss and agree on regional approaches required to address the challenges.

Documents for the Meeting

Presentations and Papers


Opening session
Welcoming Remarks: Ms. Haishan Fu, Director, Statistics Division, ESCAP Statistics
Opening Statement: Mr. Takao Itou, Director General for Policy Planning (Statistical Standards), Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, Japan
Keynote speech by Mr. Brian Pink, Australian Statistician and Chairperson, ESCAP Committee on Statistics
Session 1 - Modernization of statistical information system:Review of global and regional initiatives
Presentation: Work of the High Level Group for Strategic Directions in Business Architecture in Statistics. By Mr. Brian Pink

Presentation: Outcome of Expert Group Meeting (EGM), “Opportunities and advantages of enhanced collaboration on statistical information management in Asia and the Pacific”, Bangkok 20-22 June 2011, by Ms. Rikke Munk Hansen, Chief, Statistical Information Service Section, SD-ESCAP
Session 2 – Modelling Statistical Business Process: New concepts and recent experiences
Presentation: “Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) and its contribution to modelling business processes – Experiences from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)”: Mr. Trevor Sutton, Deputy Statistician, ABS Australia
Session 3 – Meeting new expectations of users: integrated statistical products
Presentation: “Official statistics as an integrated system of surveys and accounts - Experiences from Statistics Norway” By Mr. Olav Ljones, Deputy Director General, Statistics Norway
Presentation: ”A New Framework for Development of Japanese Official Statistics” By Mr. S. Kimura, Director, MIC, Japan
Presentation: Promotion of the 59th World Statistics Congress of International Statistical Institute (ISI): Mr. Leslie Tang, Deputy Commissioner, Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong, China
Presentation on International Statistical Institute (ISI) by Mr. Olav Ljones
Session 4 – Meeting evolving needs of data users: microdata dissemination
Presentation: “Creating the right environment to support safe access to microdata” by Mr. Olivier Dupriez, Senior Economist, World Bank and Ms. Ericta, Carmelita N., Administrator, NSO Philippines
Presentation:”Microdata Dissemination – National Statistics Office Philippines” by Ms.Ericta, Carmelita N.
Presentation:“National Data Archiving System” by Mr. Kuenga Tshering, Director, National Statistics Bureau, Bhutan
Session 5 - Group discussions
Introduction to topics of group discussion
Report from Group 1
Report from Group 2
Report from Group 3
Session 6 – Conclusions and closing
Report on impacts of the previous nine Management Seminars by SIAP
Closing remarks: Ms. Davaasuren Chultemjamts, Director, SIAP


Country Statement
Hong Kong, China
Islamic Republic of Iran
Republic of Korea
Sri Lanka
Timor Leste